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Who we are & what do we do?

Aboriginal Australia Online is a dream, a project started way back in 2001 by a young indigenous entrepreneur Kane nelson, many years of out of pocket attempts to pass his message and a long wait later aboriginal australia online was born into an “gold coin donation” supported project with a vision, vision to bring the future of online websites plus services to aboriginal australian people, community and businesses.

The problem the founder saw was indigenous australians had many fantastic ideas, yet everyone sought external development of their websites  to outside service providers and web designers.  Why do all of our people seek others to build their websites for them? Why can’t i show them how to do it? and do it as well if not better than they are paying for?

Why are we different?

We at aboriginal australia online are different, we really want to give you the knowledge to build your own web services, websites. We are not here to simply take fortune from our people, we can and will provide you with services and training that will be invaluable to your business, community, organization and especially our youth!

By investing a simple $1 a day, you’ll set the standard for those to come. Your investing in the future, the web is the future and we are going to help you engage it.

Can we help or support you?

I’m sure we can, if you own a business, community, organisation, land council or even a simple personal blog we have a revolutionary aboriginal people powered network that builds and manages your website all in the one place online, anytime, anywhere.

Its ready to go, updates your pages within the minute and available to you 24hrs a day 7 days a week!