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Queensland Police Settle:

A solicitor representing the family of Cameron Doomadgee says a settlement with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) has brought a sense of closure following the man’s death in custody in 2004. We all remember our brother Mr Doomadgee? Remember the palm Island riots? He was the young brother that at the age of only 36, died in police custody in the Palm Island police watch house six years ago.

His partner, Tracey Twaddle, filed a joint civil case with other family members against the QPS after Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley was acquitted of his manslaughter in 2007. The acquital sent Palm Island residents into an onslaught of crazed angry payback when they heard, family brothers and even aunties and mothers stormed the police station looking for blood.

Ms Twaddle’s solicitor, Andrew O’Brien, says the family is now finally pleased with the outcome. ”They’re happy that this stage of the process is over and that they can move on with the rest of their lives” he said.

What if roles were reversed?

That sounds a little suspicious still to me? what it sounds like is the police or lawyers have decided that they can still get enior Sergeant Chris Hurley off the hook without sentece by giving the family money. As it always seems to be the case, those in the police force or alike people that have a “Social Status” always get to dupe the law system by getting a lighter sentence. I mean could you imagine if the same happened to a police officer basically bashed to death by a group of us aboriginal mob? We would be basically HUNG AT DAWN!

Mr Doomadgee, 36, died in police custody in the Palm Island watch house six years ago.

Dommadge Settled

Anyhow the QPS says the details of the settlement remain confidential, yesterday the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) said it will not recommend further charges against Senior Sergeant Hurley over Mr Doomadgee’s death, after questions were raised during the third coronial inquest. There we go an exact example of what i  mentioned earlier in this post, the sentencing seems to have been overlooked for old sarge.

For now i’m glad to hear the family have reached some kind of closure and in someway got something in return, even though it was far from what is exchangeable for someone’s life at-least they got something that they feel adequate for now.

Aboriginal Death in custody: Chris Hurley (left) and Cameron Doomadgee from palm Island (right)